Ugly Sights - An Introduction

There is an inherited trait in my family that runs down through my mother's side, that makes us queazily susceptible to Ugly Sights. My Ma and brother Mike have Ugly Sight receptors much more sensitive than my own, but I do have them nonetheless. I suppose I should attempt to define an Ugly Sight. It's not easy. Essentially, it's lots of little things, close together, usually a natural occurrence but not limited to such. What's tricky is that most little-things-close-together pass unnoticed and do not trigger the Ugly Sight receptors. Really, the only way to understand them is by example over time. But for introduction's sake, I'll list a few Ugly Sights in ascending order of offense.

striations of cooked chicken breast when cut across the grain---> gills of mushroom's underside---> cluster of bell pepper seeds---> honeycomb teeming with bees

Since this all has the tendency to make those born without Ugly Sight Receptors scratch their heads in confusion or pity, I've decided to post pictures of Ugly Sights whenever I have the opportunity and means. Contributions and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

And without further ado:


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about, and I think I have this too, because I have long had a morbid fascination toward clusters of bumps.
    Here's another one: snow bumps or moguls, for people who ski.
    I find the birdseye veiw of them creepy. I could think of others...

  2. oh god: also, stalagmites/stalagtites. especailly this one:
    Fish scales (suggested by a friend)
    and henna http://www.bangladeshinfo.com/news/photo/22_henna.jpg

  3. could you renovate your kitchen?

  4. It will include a pepper-prep-sac that will be like an old film loading bag, so I can dice without looking at the stuff.

  5. although i do not have this trait, having been married to your mom for all these years i can pretty much predict what sights create this phenomenon

  6. Is it related to this stuff?