Day Thirteen - Clog Free...sorta

Joe came this morning with his son Joe, and installed the sink, shower fixtures and straightened the toilet. It was really nice to have some parts of the final picture completed. The fixtures operate smoothly and solidly, and they're nice and shiny.

Much of my worry was relieved when Tony the sewer guy came by and unstuck the boulder I'd grown in the tub's drain. We talked about Scrubs, Friday Night Lights and Willie Randolph.

Apparently, this is the face I make when I'm stressed, hungry and eating my breakfast that I made hours ago, moments before Joe arrived to get to work. I will try and avoid that combination of circumstances and thus, this face, in the future.

I messed up the edging around the shampoo niche. It's going to set me back a bit to redo it, but after so many days of hardwork, to not set it right on account of a couple hours and dollars...anyway, I'll fix it tomorrow. I think the tiling will be done by the end of the day. I will rejoice. Sushi tonight. Yum.


  1. Mike - thanks for all your hard work. You did an awesome job!!!

  2. I don't think I'll EVER do something like this as much as I want to...live next door and we'll do this kinda stuff together on our family compound one day...

  3. Amazing and beautiful. The glass tiles let us know that this is a brand new bathroom, even though the tiles look like they come from the 20's. I like E's idea of making a little book of the renovation pics as bathroom reading.I bet you could publish a little artsy book written in lower case about how to renovate the bathroom.