Day XX - Shower

I am about to take a shower. No ordinary shower, mind you; probably the most earned shower I will have ever taken. Becky took the inaugural this morning and came out with rave reviews. Good pressure out of the new showerparts. Spacious feeling due to the clean new tile, added light in the ceiling, the removal of intrusive shower caddy and hand-held showerhead with it's coils and such. Needless to say, I'm very excited to both enjoy my weeks of handiwork, and join the rest of the daily-bathing adult population. I'm going to go now and use this shower. I will post more later about today's work. Here we go!


  1. Woo-hoo! Glad you had fun w/Eth the other night, we haven't spoken yet but he's back tonight. Congrats!! What color did you choose?

  2. I like #9 and not just because it's on the White Album.

  3. yay yay yay yay! congrats!!!
    i wanna see it!!