Day Nine - Moving Along

Mike and I spent most of the morning trying to clean and make some sense of everything outside the bathroom. Becky was coming home from Lexington with her dad and brother after lunch, so we cleaned as much as we could before then. Progress+*Neatness*=Illusions of Competence! After a quick look at what's been done so far, Dan and Josh headed back North. Mike and I tiled most of the long wall around the sink before Bec noticed that the light switchbox wasn't high enough to clear the belt-line of the tile, so we'd wind up having to cut into the tile to fit the switchplate. Blech. I moved the box up in the wall about an inch and Mike patched around it. I found it cool: that task in itself, had none of this renovation been going on, would've seemed like kind of a big deal that I'd pencil in an entire day to do, but as it is we cut the power and had that thing at proper height and the wall around it patched up in like an hour. Once again there was pizza. It was good. Tomorrow we hope to make it through most of the remaining tile and we'll all go pick up paint samples for the wall color.

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