The Snow is Sticking!

From Snow 12/19/08

First snow to stick here in Brooklyn and I'm excited. Why? I don't have a sled; I've got no job to skip out on; I'm most definitely not anticipating any skiing or snowboarding [ever ever again]...so what's the big deal? Well for me, snow and rain are all-powerful validation for indoor activity. Should I be out riding my bike instead of tinkering with the chain and breathing gently on the shiny parts? Nope - it's snowing. I could go to the hardware store and get a replacement kit for my toilet's gamy flushing mechanism - nope - snowing. I'm going to watch Tropic Thunder and pet Maggie and Summer. Oh wait: the dogs...they love love love the snow! Guess I will have to go out there before it turns to slush just to watch them run around like firecrackers with those dog smiles that trump most human complaint.


Happy Holidays = Unemployment

Two weeks ago I officially became a victim of 2008's economic meltdown. It seems that the list of invulnerable necessity to the infrastructure does not include animated shows with animals made of letters. So here I am jobless with a small unemployment stipend, modest monthly expenses, dogs that love the company, and a hope to find my way to a new line of work that involves less drawing with headphones on and more leafy greens. I need to find a shape soon for the efforts of this change, but at the moment I've got time to start a blog, buy groceries and make dinners for my lovely and school-busy girlfriend Becky, clean things like stove burners and toenails that don't get addressed when I'm working hard, make my Itunes wirelessly play through my home stereo, tinker with my bikes and possibly go on a day hike before it gets hunker-down cold and we're all bundling against the bleakness of January to Spring Training.