The Snow is Sticking!

From Snow 12/19/08

First snow to stick here in Brooklyn and I'm excited. Why? I don't have a sled; I've got no job to skip out on; I'm most definitely not anticipating any skiing or snowboarding [ever ever again]...so what's the big deal? Well for me, snow and rain are all-powerful validation for indoor activity. Should I be out riding my bike instead of tinkering with the chain and breathing gently on the shiny parts? Nope - it's snowing. I could go to the hardware store and get a replacement kit for my toilet's gamy flushing mechanism - nope - snowing. I'm going to watch Tropic Thunder and pet Maggie and Summer. Oh wait: the dogs...they love love love the snow! Guess I will have to go out there before it turns to slush just to watch them run around like firecrackers with those dog smiles that trump most human complaint.

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