Renovation Neurosis

When we first set upon choosing materials for this bathroom renovation, we wanted to achieve a kind of classic New York bathroom look, though slightly updated. Hexagon tile with black tiles in little floral shapes for the floor; white subway tile for the walls with tile chair rail and floral detail band running underneath. Y'know...classic. Then we went away from that idea, culminating in an entire day spent traipsing about the tile district in Manhattan. We came home with a changed tune - glass mosaic on the walls, big marble tile on the floor. We were exhausted and lost in our pile of options, not sure if we were choosing what really felt like 'us'. Then we turned on the tv and This Old House was on— this season covering a Brownstone renovation just a few blocks away from us. The episode showed them choosing tile at a supplier in Bensonhurst, blocks from where we got our tile for the kitchen renovation. What did the homeowners choose? Nearly the *exact* selection we'd planned at the onset. This gave us a good shaking and now we're back to the original plan, with the addition of modern mosaic glass detailing the shower. I'm now trying to work out a decorative mosaic border for the floor. I found this company in my search for ideas and their stuff is drool worthy. More to come as I try to order my materials by the end of the week...


  1. Is the tile district next to the hammock district ?

  2. oh my god- I'm drooling and wishing I had a bathroom to tile myself... those are amazing installations in the links you posted- but I'm sure yours will be as, if not more, fab! good luck!

  3. I can't find the picture of the faucets. Did you email it to me? Was it up here originally? Mom wants to see.