One Week - Floor is Done (well, almost)

It's been a week since the first destructive hole was struck in the wall, beginning this project. I'm not too far off the schedule I originally planned out, but as expected, there's always the unexpected. I grouted the floor last night and it looks classy. I thought I was done but this morning I realized I set the threshold back about a 1/4" inch too far in the room. It looks fine, but I need a little bit of an overhang off the concrete slab on the hall-side of the threshold, to put glass tile flush on the face of the concrete bed. It's not terribly noticeable, but it will bug me if it's not done correctly, so I think I'm going to chisel out the threshold and first row of hex that sits against it, and do it again right. Kind of a pain, but at least it won't affect the toilet's installation this afternoon - woohoo! IN-MY-HOUSE! IN-MY-HOUSE!

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