Day Three - Starting the Walls

This morning I went to Classic Tile and Marble in Bensonhurst to pick up the subway tile and its various trim elements. The picture there is what I think the arrangement will be, the manila yellow on top being the manila folder I placed the tiles on for the picture. We'll probably paint the walls above the tile a bright blue or pale green. We took care of the final details inside what will be the walls— framing for the medicine cabinet, moved some electrical doodads around, and planted a fake skeleton for future mystery-making discovery. By the end of the night Will and I got a couple of pieces of sheet rock on one wall, and are ready to do the rest of the room tomorrow. The dogs I think, have already had enough of all this. The apartment is just about as messy as it's been since the days after I moved in. Does Rhoomba make a Shop-Vac? I could use it.


  1. Oh my gosh-- that is going to be GORGEOUS. Good taste Jesse/Becky! Classic with a unique twist. My fav.