Day Four - Walls without Toilets

Will had to leave in the evening for Providence and Fran has a job, so with Sunday we wanted to get all the walls up, since it would be no fun at all for me to try it by myself. The room now looks like a room again - all the walls in place, *including* a new niche in the shower for shampoo and soap.

We framed an opening for a concealed plunger cabinet in the small wall next to the toilet but now I'm faced with two problems. First, that cabinet is now where the toilet paper roll used to be. I need to find another spot for the tp that's within easy reach, but not directly under where the hand towels go, since nobody wants to use pre-moistened toilet paper (well, possibly they do, but that is the subject for a future entry on bidets and their conspicuous absence from the American bathroom). Second, I had to remove the toilet to put in the wall behind it, and it's not worth putting it back in, only to take it out again for putting tile down. So - I made a trip to the gym this morning immediately on wake-up to take care of some business. I will be thrilled to have my toilet back.

All-in-all I'd say it was the best day of progress yet— deeply gratifying to put up walls and have it all take solid form. We couldn't get our hands on a fake skeleton on such short notice, so we put a drawing on the wall behind the medicine cabinet.

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