Day Two - Electrical and Plumbing

I suppose it's good to know your limits and when to turn to the pros, especially when the result of not doing so could be very bad things happening inside your apartment's walls. So this morning I had Beckford, a really nice guy, come over to add wiring for a recessed light above the shower. Shortly before Beckford finished up, Frank and Joe(also very nice guys) came to overhaul the plumbing leading to the shower and sink. Midday when the apartment was buzzing with people, dogs and progress, it felt really really cool. Fran and Will came over, the pros finished, and Becky left for Lexington after completing her second semester of school with possibly the first actual 'A+' I've ever seen on paper— way to go, babe! Fran and I picked up all the materials we'll need to start the walls tomorrow, we ordered a couple pizzas, brought all the goods upstairs with Will, then we ate those pizzas. They were delicious and there are leftovers.

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