There's Two of Them!

Just finished the 2nd bed, which was a little trickier because it wraps around the corner of the deck. The slope of the ground made it necessary to have 2 tiers. The stack will also allow plenty of soil depth for me to unsuccessfully grow the root veggies I've planned. I wish I remember how Michael Pollan solved his carrot problem as described in Second Nature. I should probably read it again. Belated thanks to Ethan for that recommendation.
There's a really big garden center a couple miles away that has been great for all my questions and wandering-around-while-envisioning. I bought a bag of bonemeal which should give me the strength I need to do all this soil hauling that lies ahead. First, math. I convert cubic feet to cubic yards by dividing by 9, right? Ugh.
I imagine this is as excited as I'll ever be to pay money for dirt and poop.

Next up: filling the beds.

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