There's 2 kinds of wood available to build these raised beds: cedar, which is beautiful and rot resistant, and not-cedar, which is affordable for a normal person. I bought the lumber yesterday and it was delivered this morning, and with a couple of hours I was able to get most of the first bed done. Tomorrow I'll add some wire mesh inside the box to keep out gophers ["License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations..."]. I didn't buy enough 2x4 to finish the mitered cap around the bed, which will be good for sitting and sipping lemonade while contemplating the bare patch of dirt that was intended to yield some crop.

  • My lovely wife took Caleb for a long walk so I could work uninterrupted on this sucker. xo
  • Surprisingly gratifying garden task: raking soil level. Oh baby.
  • Note to self: buy more ibuprofen.

Frame leveled and secured to 4x4 posts.
Almost there. Essbee loping over to look for edibles.
Spider with ability to become 1/10th its original size when picture is taken.
Next up: finish the cap around the bed, add mesh, figure out volume of soil and compost needed to fill

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