Word on the Mets

This year's Mets. Fun. Their payroll is deceptive, because the bulk of that money is apparently being payed to players who have been traded or are injured or are victims of Bernie Madoff. Most of the roster comprises scrappy young dudes eager to make a mark. I miss Jose Reyes, but his replacement Ruben Tejada, who is maybe 14 years old, is fun to watch. I've liked Daniel Murphy since he came up. He's getting better - will never be a star, but is a good spirited player capable of clutch play (possibly). Seems like a key guy. David Wright is hitting like he's always been billed - a franchise guy. Ike Davis is a lefty Jew at 1st, so he'll have to be below the Mendoza at mid-summer before I criticize. And in place of some dude who was injured at centerfield on opening day, Kirk Nieuieuwenheyessses is totally killing it with diving catches and clutch hitting. Also he looks like a dude who hangs out at the local guitar shop. 

This is in comparison to the local Sox, who are at this moment on a tear, but up to this streak have been a lumbering, underwhelming disappointment machine. And to the Yankees, who are always on a Mets fan's radar, but geezis if they don't have an unlikable lineup (sorry, Yanks friends), especially now that Nick Swisher is their top character guy...blech.

I'm happy this season to take a shade over .500, if it comes with the vibe the Mets have been playing with thus far. Though I will wear my Red Sox hat too.

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