We're Marchin' Down to Dixieland

My art school transcript unsurprisingly has left me in want of some liberal arts core credit for my grad school applications. I'm not upset about it in the slightest though, because I was able to get into a Civil War era history course at Kingsborough Community College. So I'm currently commuting 3 days a week to Sheepshead Bay–a 45 minute bike ride down Bedford Avenue through several types of neighborhoods, all with their own feel. The most egregiously unfortunate building style along this ride is the Eastern-European's-American-Dream-realized-faux-villa-with-all-the-options. Really, it's terrible. Hooray for the family that worked hard and is celebrating their success through their residence, but I think as someone who pays attention to residential architecture, it's okay for me to point my finger and hold my nose. But I digress...the class itself has been a lot of fun for me. There is a novelty in having this bit of academic structure in my routine for the first time in a long while, and also I'm finding that like many an American male, I have the potential for Civil War buff-dom. I'm not saying I am one, just that it's a riveting subject and we're not even to the war yet. I think I'll wear a Union hat in to class when we talk about Chamberlain at Gettysburg. Apropos: here's one of my favorite Steve Earle songs.

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