Back in the Saddle Again!

Just last weekend we attended our first wedding as a married couple. My good buddy Brett and his wife Cat. Known him since 5th grade and we get married within 2 weeks of one another—how 'bout that! Their wedding band did classic rock covers and was the best at it I've heard to date. They did Highway to Hell with howling female vocals—Bonn Scott would've been proud. Becky and I had a great time dancing and listening to me sing along with the band (right..honey??). We also had fun the night of the rehearsal dinner, walking two suburban blocks from my house to Brett's family's place to have a few glasses with his visiting relatives. Brett, Rob and I spent many many nights of single dude-dom over there during our teen and college days, shooting pool and listening to Led Zeppelin. To be back, toasting to the last of us being officially-spoken-for, felt pretty great. Congratulations to Cat and Brett!

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