Getting Legal, Lexington Style

Becky and I drove up to Lexington to take care of some wedding business. On the docket: apply for a marriage license; meet with potential wedding photographer; go to our wedding location for the menu tasting. Compared to the other aspects of planning the wedding, the Happiness-to-Effort ratio of going to town hall for our license was tip-top. The picture here was taken by the clerk that filed the paperwork, and I think it captures our mood - being a little closer to getting married - thrilled, plain and simple. Can't wait. The tasting was a lot of fun, but I don't want to give anything away.

Wait, okay, I will:
The steak was excellent, as were the farm's own veggies and herbs. And dessert...ohhhh baby.


  1. Yay- Ever closer! We know how great that fees! Good work!

  2. Really? I can't handle how cute this photo is and am sooo excited to see you 4 weeks from today!