The Most Exciting Thing in the Unemployed World...

...is not a job offer, though I'm very hopeful that the food co-op hires me for the Coordinator position I interviewed for. No, as a freelancer, I've had several stints of unemployment. I've had what feels like temporary unemployment, hopeful unemployment, spirit-crushing unemployment, kind of awesome but guilt-ridden summer unemployment, and my current figuring out big things while homemaking unemployment. Before I continue, let me assure my future in-laws and parents that I do not take pride in any of these forms of joblessness and am trying to make choices that will minimize my chances of having to expand or languish within that list. It's merely to qualify my position in asserting that the most exciting thing in the unemployed world is:


I'm currently awaiting two different packages containing some kind of bike part needed to move my projects out the door, and a backordered toilet paper holder that will crown the bathroom's remodel. If I were working all day at a job, they would just be there in the entryway when I got home, a pleasant surprise. Sitting here at my desk at home, with a nearly finished bike behind me and a roll of toilet paper sitting on the toilet tank instead of properly mounted on the wall in grab's-distance, that boxy brown truck would really shake things up if it were to slow down in front of our apartment. That would be 'what happened today'. Is that sad? I submit, no. I need to run a couple of errands and the dogs need a walk. Boy will it be disappointing if I come back to that missed-delivery slip on the door.

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